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Coyote Tales and storytellers from Kayenta and across the nation are joining forces to bring you a remarkable evening of storytelling. Out of a sense of caution and social responsibility, we won’t gather together as a community to hear these stories live. But tonight, we will entertain you online with stories of “GRATITUDE.” Listen to these tales of appreciation, indebtedness, thanksgiving, and grace and then vote for your favorite. The evening’s grand prize winner will receive $250. Second and third place winners will receive $100 and $50, respectively. Prize money generously provided by Utah Humanities and our first Virtual Coyote Tales winner, Jesse Ehrlich.
Votes can be placed from June 26–30. Winners will be announced through the Coyote Tales website and on Nextdoor July 1st. The evening’s stories will be archived on the Coyote Tales website indefinitely.
This event generously supported by Utah Humanities, Desert Dweller, Zion Brewery Station 2 and Petite Feast.

Someday soon we hope to be able to gather together safely for live shows in our new location at Zion Brewery Station 2 in St. George. But until that time we will continue to share tales with you virtually.
As always, proceeds from live events are donated to local non-profits.


We are pleased to present 10 storytellers to you this evening – you can watch the entire show at once just like attending a live event, run time is about 30 minutes.  Or watch a few stories and come back another time to view the rest.  Just remember, you need to vote by June 30th at “11:59” pm.

john dowd – “I Got You Babe”

John is a Vietnam Vet who is now a retired CPA living on the Southwest Gulf Coast of Florida. He spends most days trying to chuckle, which he says, sadly usually involves a mirror

Ben Lesser – “A Life That Matters”

Ben is an Author, Speaker, & Holocaust Survivor who has dedicated his life to preserving the memory of the Holocaust. His goal is to tell his story so the world will not acquire amnesia about the atrocities of the Holocaust and will, instead, create tolerance and understanding for the future.

At 92, Ben is the last known survivor of the most notorious death train from Buchenwald to Dachau. He survived concentration camps, death marches, and two death trains before he was liberated in 1945.

Please enjoy the volume enhanced audio of Ben’s story.  The YouTube upload did not do it justice. We wanted to be able to share his voice and story with clarity. Learn more about Mr Lesser @


Leath Tonino is a freelance writer and the author of two essay collections about the outdoors, most recently The West Will Swallow You. Originally from Vermont, he’s also lived in California, Arizona, and Colorado. Learn more about Leath:

ALYSSA MAVOR – “A Traveler’s Angel”

Alyssa graduated from Cal Poly University in 2019 and was traveling for 9 months until COVID brought her home. She is happy to  be starting a nonfiction book and spending time with loved ones in her hometown of Bozeman, Montana.


Lois is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend, a dog mom, a horse lover, a Buddhist, a home chef, and a storyteller.


Mort Zachter moved to Kayenta last year while in the midst of an extended Woody Allen imitation.

SEAN HIRTEN – “Healthy Eyes Are A Privilege Not A Right!”

Sean is a 7th grade History and Geography Teacher on the east side of Las Vegas. He is originally from Vermont and when not in the classroom can be found exploring the basins and ranges of Nevada, or watching soccer. You can hear more of Sean’s stories @

susan erickson – “Better Than a Movie!”

Susan never considered becoming a Librarian until she started sharing books with children at the local library. She went on to spend the next 26 years working as the Youth Services Coordinator for a county library system and retired as the Executive Director of the Inland Library System in So. California. Librarianship provided many special moments, including serving on both the Caldecott and Newbery Book Award committees.

doug mavor – “jaws?”

Doug started telling stories at a very young age thanks to his grandpa, but he says, that’s another story! He has traveled three times to Jonesboro, Tennessee to hear amazing storytellers at the National Storytelling Festival. Storytelling runs in the family, Doug is also Alyssa, tonight’s second storyteller’s, dad.

GINGER PARKINSON – “caregivers are wonderful”

Ginger Parkinson is a spunky, energetic storyteller and coach. She has spun her magic at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Weber State Storytelling Festival, Thanksgiving Point, Red Butte Gardens, Coyote Tales, City Creek Center, Traverse Mountain Outlets, school and libraries across the Western United States. Contact Ginger at

SUE GORDHAMMER – “One Day in the Park”

First time story teller Sue Gordhammer is a resident of Southern Utah.  Sue loves all things outdoors and is happiest when she is out on the trail with her dogs.  Her 6th grade skills assessment said she was best suited to be an animal trainer but she became an engineer instead.  She thinks that perhaps it’s time to pay attention to what she learned in 6th grade and start her second act.


Douglas Caputo is a real estate broker/agent who loves introducing people to the wonders of Southern Utah. Doug also is a community activist and active in the arts.


This evening’s show is dedicated to an exceptional writer, storyteller and friend, Jeff Metcalf, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. We are grateful to be able to share this story he told on the Coyote Tales stage April 28, 2019.

Special thanks to Ned Cordery, Gosland Studio and Alan Holben Photography

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